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Do I need a partner?
students, your instructor will be your partner for your private lessons.  Many
of our couples take lessons separately due to their personal schedules.  Our
Practice Sessions will provide plenty of opportunity to meet other students
with the same interests and goals.

What is a Private Lesson?
Private lessons with a key instructor, provide each student with the specialized
and personal attention necessary to develop the ability to lead or follow a
partner. These lessons provide the most benefits and make learning to dance
easier since all material is catered to the individuals abilities and desires.

What is a Class lesson?
A class consists of several students learning from one instructor.  Students
work primarily on and practice the basic elements of dancing such as foot
patterns and timing.

What is a Practice Session?  
This is where students get to try their dancing out in a more realistic setting.  
Music is played for a variety of dances and pretty much you're on your own to
practice what you've learned.  It's a good way to work the bugs out of your
dancing before you head out into the "real world".

Should I start with just private lessons?
There are students that learn to dance using private lessons alone but we
recommend a combination of private lessons, group classes and practice
sessions for the quickest and easiest way to learn.

What would it cost for lessons?
This would depend on several factors, such as what dances you wanted to
learn, how good you would like to be, and how often you were coming in for
your lessons.  Using a combination of private lessons, group classes and
practice sessions, most students pay an average of $25-45 per session.
feel for what you'd like to learn.  This makes it easier for you to decide how
many lessons you might like to take.   

How long before I am comfortable in a dance situation?
That depends on you!  Everyone has a different sense of comfort. Most
students usually start feeling more confident after just a few sessions .  We
will welcome any challenge and you can expect nothing but the best and
quickest result.

How do I get started?
We're just a phone call away or you can email us from our inquiry page on this
site.  We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have or help you
schedule your first lesson.
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