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Dance Descriptions
Foxtrot is the classic dance for social events, wedding receptions
and dinner-dance venues.  Wedding couples usually choose
either a Foxtrot or a Waltz for their first dance together.

Don't worry! Foxtrot is a great dance for beginners. It feels like a
stroll in the park with some rhythm thrown in. It's a slow, easy
dance and once you get the hang of it, you can even have a
conversation with your dance partner.

The romantic, graceful waltz is the perfect dance for a wedding or
special occasion. Developed in Germany in the 17th Century, it
might be the most popular dance of all time. Waltz music has a
very distinctive one-two-three tempo.

The waltz is characterized by rise and fall which gives the
dancers a smooth, graceful movement around the floor.  Waltz
style music can be found everywhere from the classics to Mariah

Whatever your music preference, swing is one of the most
exciting partner dances you will ever learn! The very popular East
Coast Swing is characterized by an up-tempo, carefree, relaxed
style that is easily adaptable to a wide range of tempos from
moderately slow to very fast music.

Salsa is currently the most popular club and social dance in the
world, as it brings together the contagious rhythms of latin music
with imaginative steps and patterns.

Salsa originated from the Mambo and Cha Cha of Cuba and
became widespread as it began incorporating it's own original
moves with the steps and styling of the contemporary versions of
swing and club hustle.

This famous Latin dance with its sexy hip movements is often
danced to upbeat top 40 hits such as Santana's 'Smooth', Pink's
'Get This Party Started', and Christina Aquilera's 'Lady

Cha Cha is a very versatile social dance for weddings, Salsa
clubs, Country Western venues, ballroom events, and more. Cha
Cha was first known as triple Mambo, and the peculiar scraping
and shuffling sounds during the "tripling" produced the imitative
sound of Cha, Cha, Cha.

Tango is like a seduction, danced with fire and passion. This
dramatic dance was originally popularized by Rudolph Valentino
and more recently in movies such as 'Scent of a Woman'  and
'Shall We Dance'. The sultry motion, the stylish look, and the
haunting sense of passion make Tango a fascinating dance.

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